The most welcoming sky lounge in Vienna

Rethinking art consumption. Vienna's 1st liveable rooftop photogallery. 



Vienna's first art gallery where you feel at home, while having the possibility to mind-travel to destinations thousands of miles away. 

Rethinking the complete process of "consuming" art, from the first touching point to hanging up a masterpiece on your own walls. The Skygallery is a 130 m2 rooftop apartment where exceptional photography meets smart interior design at one of Vienna's most exclusive locations. The gallery challenges the status quo of how art is typically consumed, aiming to build a deeper relationship between artist and buyer and closing the gap between the functionality of a traditional gallery and the functionality of a living space.  

In that, the hybrid focuses the deserved attention to the art works while offering the possibility to spend time with ones favourite artists in an environment of comfort and familiarity. The art-gallery displays outstanding surf, travel and landscape photography and offers exceptional travel photographers - new talent as well as established - a platform to exhibit their work.


Art evokes feelings. But how does it feel to be exposed to a piece of art for an extended period of time? How does it make one feel when you wake up or when you go to bed ? We are striving to take art consumption to a new level, staging an experience to deepen ones relationship with the art of choice. 

We want to give art lovers the possibility to find answers to those questions and surround themselves with the images that will be accompanying them for the next couple of decades. See what's on display right now or check our program to book your exclusive stay at Vienna's first liveable rooftop gallery. 


Book a night at the Skygallery and build a relationship with your favourite pice of art.



We believe that traveling the world provides an essential basis for a peaceful co-existence and the opportunity for personal growth!

Our mission is to showcase artworks so gripping, touching and immersive, that you will want to book a flight to travel the world right then and there. We want to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and explore cultures and places that you have never seen before. 

From our own experience, we are convinced that experiencing different parts of the world will not only give you a broader understanding of how global interdependencies function but also give you a better sense of who you are and what you want to achieve during your lifetime. It will broaden your horizon and give you the opportunity to reflect on your beliefs and values to become the "best" self you can be. 


For the Skygallery to become the inspirational place we want it to be, the whole processes leading to the establishment of the space had to stand as an example that anything is possible. That is why we teamed up with a student architectural group called "Katerfajan", providing young talent with the opportunity to develop their vision of an interior design concept. 

The goal was to come up with a timeless design making art enjoyable in it's purest form, while being able to spend time in a relaxed environment. Whenever the gallery is open, we want to welcome you to come by and spend as much time as you wish. Enjoy a cup of coffee, spend time reading or just swing by for a chat about your next adventure to Indonesia. We are happy to share your motivation!  


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Talent is everywhere, it only needs the opportunity



Vienna's first rooftop art gallery dedicated to surf, travel and landscape photography. 

The Skygallery is dedicated to photographic art that gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself into a world that is beyond what you have experienced so far. We aim to, spark your curiosity in order for you to step outside and start your own inspirational adventures. 

The artwork on display is selected based on our aesthetic requirement to show the beauty of our planet and of different cultures. The Skygallery features photographers dedicated to traveling the world and provides 6 selected artists the chance to exhibit their work. Application processes start on September 1st. 2017.  


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