Water & Light 

Constantin's passion for surfing had him observing and studying the formation and deformation of waves for more than 10 years now. In essence, the thought that waves are nothing different than energy traveling thousands of miles through the oceans, using water as a mere medium to get from A to B, fascinated the photographer.

"Similar to humans, every wave is different, every wave has its own character, its own personality and its own beauty".  

Constantin's experiences in the water, experiencing the power and energy that waves can have, lead to an ever deepening involvement with the element. Water and Light is an expression of the never ending quest to fully grasp the magic of waves. The exhibition tells the unique story of a handful of waves that traveled across the pacific ocean, unleashing their energy on the western shores of Nicaragua. 


Constantin Witt-Dörring

Age: 28

Born: Vienna

Favorite Places: Lisbon, Vienna, Nicaragua, Morocco

Exhibitions: Waves for Hope (2015), Sommertage am Wasser (2015), 

Awards: Red Bull Illume Semifinalist, 


Images on Display @ the Skygallery