Skygallery Silent Opening


Hey guys! 

Thank you very much for coming by and celebrating the Skygallery silent opening with us! Bringing good vibes and positive energy, you made this a magnificent evening. To get a brief idea of what's ahead, keep reading. Just a heads up, we are looking for an Intern from September for at least 3 month. 

Travel talks and exciting exhibitions!

Currently we are in contact with AMAZING travel bloggers and photographers who want to share their experiences with you! We are organising travel talks, exhibitions and gatherings to serve you with inspiration for exciting adventures around the world.  

Reconstructing the Skygallery to fulfil our mission

Furthermore, we will be reconstructing the interior of the Skygallery during the end of fall to bring our vision of closing the gap between gallery and living space truly alive. Stay excited for our gallery opening celebration.

Skygallery certification and signet

Last but not least, we want to become a leading gallery for travel and surf photography, showing how art can be extremely exciting. Therefore we are developing a program where we want to grow our own basis of young art collectors and get people interested in collecting photographic art. 

Oh and we are looking for an intern (marketing/management) to work with us for at least 3 month from September on. More information soon!

If you know anybody that could be interested, feel free to share this article or pass on our contact information.

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